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This page is intended to give an insight to the 'shouts' that Southam Fire Crew are involved in.

Obviously, we can't show everything, and any personal details will always be kept confidential. Also, at no time do we intend to cause distress to anyone involved, so the most likely items here will be 'press links' for stories already in the public domain.

WFRS's Fire Incidents page.

Number of Shouts attended

Here is a record of number of shouts the Station has attended since 1948, (just after the Service had been more formalised by the Fire Service Act 1947), and a couple of years before the move to its current location on Coventry Street.

The grand total of 3 shouts were attended that year, (1948), as opposed to our record year to date of 360 in 2007, an average of nearly one shout a day.

The odd spike of shouts in the middle of the graph is 1976, and due to that very hot summer. The crew were out on shouts almost solidly for the entire month of August.
You'll notice that the number of shouts that year (195) is well over double of the years either side, (79 and 84 respectively).

The years 2006 to 2010 are also high in comparason to adjacent years, this is generally due to the proliferation of AFA calls (Automatic Fire Alarms). These are now robustly managed and only geniune (risk based) calls are now attended.

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