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Knowing what to do when an emergency vehicle approaches on 'Blue Lights' will keep you safe and possibly help save a life.

Blue Light Aware is a short video, produced on behalf of the emergency services. Their crews rely on the help of other road users when they're on a 'blue light' journey.

By watching Blue Light Aware, you will better understand their needs, you will be reducing the risks you face, you will be contributing to a safer road environment and you might also be helping to save a life.

Please note, this video contains flash photography.


If the embedded video doesn't play, click


Keep calm......look and listen

Pull over and stop if its SAFE

Use your indicators, to avoid causing confusion

Stay off; curbs, pavements and verges

When you stop, make sure you leave enough room for the emergency vehicle to get through


Don't drive; through a red light, into bus lanes or across double white lines (a blue light driver will always hang back until the double white lines end, or you pullover safely)

Don't brake suddenly and be patient, wait for the emergency vehicle to pass

If there is nowhere to pull in safely, KEEP GOING at the speed limit (if safe to dos so), and wait until a safe place presents itself or the emergency vehicle passes you.

NEVER stop on bends or on the brow of a hill.

NEVER overtake a vehicle on blue lights, even on motorways!

Before moving off; check mirrors, look all around, and check for another emergency vehicle, there maybe more than one!


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