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999 or 112


Do you know the difference between 999 & 112?

Most people are aware of the two numbers, but not their individual advantages.




The traditional number called from a land line (normal) telephone or telephone box.

Only used in the UK, but is well known and works every time.

Ask any child how to call the Emergency Services and 999 is the answer.


The newer number that can be used from either a land line or mobile telephone.

Used throughout Europe with new countries being added all the time.

Most people are unaware of the added advantages of 112.




112 can be used on any mobile phone even when the phone shows no credit (PAYG), or signal strength for the network the phone is on.

Using 112 by-passes the phone's sim card and normal operation to ensure an emergency call can get through.

The phone's software ignores the service provider information and simply looks for the strongest available signal.

This works on smartphones, from the 'emergency' tab and on regular mobiles from the button keypad.

The best way to make an emergency call from a mobile phone is 112.


Emergency Texts


There may still be occasions that the signal for all networks is so low that a voice call can not be made.

In these situations you can contact the emergency services using texts.

This service was originally intended for the deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired people in the UK send an SMS text message to the UK 999 service where it will be passed to the police, ambulance, fire & rescue, or coastguard.


The next part consists of another text...

Text 'Yes' to 999.

Once this is done your phone is registered to send emergency sms messages.

For more information go to,

You MUST be pre-registered to do this!!!

So register now...

Text 'Register' to 112.

You will receive a reply...follow the instructions!
(It won't work at this point if you don't complete the whole exercise)

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