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We are always recruiting...

If you are interested in seeing what we do and how we do it, please feel free to pop down to the Station on a Thursday night between 19.00 & 21.00, (7.00pn & 9.00pm), and ask for Watch Commander Daryl Townsend.

Be Extraordinary

For WFRS corporate 'Recruitment' page click here...

or copy this address into your brower:

For more information call 01926 852223 and ask for Leeanna.

Hours required:

Our primary focus at the moment is daytime weekday cover, ie. Mon-Fri 8-6.

These hours can be covered by shift patterns, full day cover, school hours etc.

If the hours you can give complement the currnet crew members and strengthen our day cover we would be very interested in talking to you.


Our current Establishment is a total of 9 units.

1 unit equals 1 person giving 120 hrs of 'cover' in any one week where there are 168 available hours.

These can also be made up from smaller parts as well, such as someone giving 60 hours 'cover' and therefore being calculated as 0.5 of a unit.

The minimum amount of 'cover' that can be given is 40 hours, (0.33).


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